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Pain Management

shutterstock_134406176Do you experience pain you can point to? If yes, we may be able to decrease your pain with our special Transdermal Pain Gels.

In our partner physicians' experience, pain is the most common symptom for which people seek medical attention- everyone has some sort of pain. Whether it be a short-term sprain or longer lasting neuropathy, pain is a condition or feeling that not only effects the person, but effects those around them as well.

Pain is a "homeostatic emotion," a feeling much like fatigue and hunger, communicated throughout the body. These feelings motivate other behaviors aimed to even the keel, such as getting a good night's sleep or eating a meal to resolve the emotion. In the case of pain, you may become withdrawn from everyday routines until finally visiting a doctor to get some type of relief.

In most cases with chronic pain, patients are generally offered one option by their physician: a pill. Whether it be an oral narcotic or an NSAID drug, such as Ibuprofen, the option is in the form of a mass-manufactured pill and limited by commercial availability. While a pill may work, it may soon thereafter begin to lose effectiveness and cause serious side effects, such as liver damage and sour stomach. With pain gels, less drugs enter the bloodstream and it appears to decrease the risk of side effects, but the potency has much higher concentrations of medications in the painful tissue where you actually need the medication to work.

Through compounding and our special Transdermal Pain Gels, a specialized medication is individually made to specifically treat the patient's symptom(s) by adding up to 7 drugs (so it's like getting numerous prescriptions in one gel for one co-pay), running it through our state-of-the-art ointment meal and disbursing to the patient, not before being thoroughly counseled on how to get the most effectiveness of their personal pain gel.

Our pain gels are very potent/concentrated. They are not over-the-counter topical agents that smell or burn. They are transdermal, meaning they go through the skin into the soft tissue where your pain is located. Most physicians are willing to write for our pain gels because they are a great alternative to taking pain pills, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants.

Simply call Lexington Compounding Pharmacy at (859)276-3905 and a pharmacist will either take your call immediately, or you may leave a voice mail if you choose. With a short phone call, a pharmacist will determine how to customize and compound a specific pain gel to treat your specific issue(s). We will ask you some basic questions about your condition, drug allergies, demographic and insurance information.

Many of our pain gels are covered by insurance for a co-pay. We also offer affordable cash pricing. We can determine if your insurance will cover your pain gel before contacting your doctor.

We are happy to write a letter to your doctor via fax. The letter will briefly describe the conversation between you and your pharmacist and we will request a prescription from the doctor in the letter.

There is no pressure for you to purchase your pain gel-we are happy to determine your co-pay or out-of-pocket charge for your particular pain gel, then you can decide if you would like to try it or not. You have nothing to lose except a 5 or 10 minute phone call to one of our pharmacists. We will do all the work and call you back with your options--no pressure.